Current rates in Luxembourg

Current interest rates in Luxembourg have been historically low and attractive in 2021. As of early 2022, an increase of mortgage rates has been observed, this is an anticipation of the response from the European Central Bank to the inflation.

For an easier understanding of current mortgage conditions, we display here the interest rates that we observe on the luxembourgish market to finance our customers properties. We try to use here a representative sample of the offers we get from banks.

For each type of financing type, we indicate an average as well as a range of observed rates. The reference date we use is the date for which we received the first offer for a specific application. In our definition of fixed rates we include revisable rates, that are fixed for a period shorter than the total financing duration.

25 - 30 years
2.75% - 3.20%
over 30 days
1.15% - 1.30%
over 30 days
Last rate data from the 15/08/2022

Recent trend